Letter R

This extremely fun page is brought to us by Mad Mike Henry (AKA Zatransis to much of the internet world).  Mike not only incorporated a number of different Reptiles and Rodents found in northern Ghana but also had them RUNNING a RACE! (and breaking a Ribbon to win)

I met Mike earlier this year at a convention in Chicago although I’ve been a fan of his work for years.  He is a genuinely nice guy,  rocks a beard like a pirate, designs his own tatoos, AND is also massively talented with an excellent eye for design.

Mike’s Bio:

Mike was born in Sleepy Hollow IL, as a smaller version of himself in a year time forgot.  After years in the circus Mike decided to try something a little more risky and enter the world of art.  After 7 years working in games, animation, and comics, Mike has decided to take the fish by the gills and dominate the globe.  He lives in San Francisco CA wife, dog and four kooky ghosts.

Oh, and I forgot, Mike also sports one of the best names…

Stay tuned!


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One Response to Letter R

  1. This is really a fun page. The kids will love it. I hope I can write text interesting enough to go with this picture.


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