Letter W – A beautiful process sample to greet the New Year

Today is the last day of 2010 and I wanted to post of the incredible process of the letter W: Waterhole page by Alina Chau.  I thought it would be to show a hint of the many more good things that are just around the corner in 2011.

I’ve had the privilege of working along side or having met many of the contributors to this 9 Degrees North project.  Others, such as the wonderfully talented Alina Chau I’ve only known about because of the internet.  The first time I ever heard of Alina was when she commented on an Illustration Friday blog post I had done.  She only had nice things to say and with a name like “Ice-Cream Monster” I had to take a look at what her submission was.

Needless to say I’ve been a huge fan of Alina’s ever since then.  Her art is such a pleasure to take in and she is one of those people who is so involved with participating everywhere on the internet it makes you feel very unproductive.  I was more than thrilled to hear her say “yes” to this project and this preview is already a good reason why!  Here is Alina Chau’s bio:

Professionally, I am a 3D story artist at LucasFilm. For fun, I do gallery and museum exhibition, publishing children picture books and graphic novels, radio broadcasts and podcasts … travel, eat and sleep!!

Happy New Year to everyone!


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