Letter L – Dating back to the 12 Century here!

What is really cool about this project is that the artists who are so generously donating their talents and time are from far and wide across our planet, all coming together for a place most of us have never been for children we may never know.  Marilyn Pottage of Tools for Schools Africa, has been there though and DOES know these kids.  Marilyn really believes in the education of teaching not only the letters, but also the rich history and culture to the Ghanaian students.  Letter L is an important part of that for this book.  The Larabanga Mosque may be one of the oldest buildings in Ghana and is not only a deep part of their history but an incredible sight to see.  Lee Cosgrove AKA the Gorillustrator of England was given the task and willingly excepted the challenge.

I first found Lee’s work on the internet after seeing one piece that really caught my eye.  His textures and shape work was so incredible I knew he would knock this picture out of the park and sure enough he has.

Here is Lee’s Bio:

Since recently retiring from the sideshow seen, he has settled in the North-West of England and works as a freelance illustrator, working mainly digitally he produces colorful and imaginative images.  He spends his spare time watching King Kong movies and relaxing on his tire swing.


More soon!

-Mike Boldt

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One Response to Letter L – Dating back to the 12 Century here!

  1. Lovely! Even the boabab tree got into this one! I particularly like the fact that you put a head covering on the person n the left – a very nice touch indeed, and it is a rendering that the kids in the area will relate to immediately. Thank you so much.

    Marilyn – TFS-Africa Fdn.

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