Letter S – Progress from the other side of the world!

Like Ghana itself, Charles Santoso is found a wee ways away from me, and like many many other friends I have, the internet has once again been a instrument in connecting me with people I would have probably never otherwise met.  I first saw Charles’ amazing pencil work in the summer shortly after I myself joined the Sketchoholics site (an excellent place to stay sharp!).  Charles was busy winning almost every contest he participated in creating some of the cooolest pictures I have ever seen. (And so he also has a great interview on the site if you are interested!)

It has been an extreme pleasure to get to know Charles a bit more.  His character designs and scene layouts ON TOP of his artwork means I spend more than a minute or two admiring his work each week.  Here is some of his progress from his Savanna page:

Interesting enough, Charles starts with quick digital sketches and to get a feel for what he wants to draw before his finished traditional drawing (in progress at the bottom).  Then he adds a bit of color to it back on the computer again.  Here is a short bio for Charles:

Charles Santoso is a concept artist and illustrator currently living in Sydney, Australia. He loves creating small drawings in his sketchbook and dreams about funny creatures.


Stay tuned!

-Mike Boldt

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2 Responses to Letter S – Progress from the other side of the world!

  1. This is an exciting page. I really like the village feel. At the same time we want to emphasize the flatness and openness of the savannah, and the baobab on the left helps do that. I look forward to see where this is going. If I can help answer any ‘savanna’ questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks so much.


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