Letter X – Creating sweet music on a…

I appreciate fun.  I like it a lot and I think others generally do too.  So when I get to see what my friend, the amazing illustrator Bill Robinson has created, “Fun” is immediately what comes to mind and I know the kids are going to love this one!  My son already wanted to know “who” that lion was.  Bill was kind enough to share his process of how he made this picture too:

For a more detailed explaination of each step please check out his blog here.  Bill’s bio:

Bill Robinson is a 26 year old illustrator and animator living in Berkeley, CA. Bill is a graduate of the Film and Animation program at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently a lead artist at Kabam, Inc, where he develops massively multiplayer online games. In addition to his day job in games, Bill has worked with clients like Fisher-Price Toys, Fox Searchlight, Animax Entertainment and Universal. His first illustrated children’s book will be hitting shelves in Spring 2011.


Bill was actually the one who first introduced himself to me a couple years back.  He was rounding up artists for another charity project called Purrcasso Art & Craft Gala, a charity art auction which raises money for the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society.  As you can tell, I really enjoyed Bills work and I was extremely happy to have him participate in this project.  Here is Bill’s final version of the Letter X: Xylophone!

Stay tuned!


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One Response to Letter X – Creating sweet music on a…

  1. I really love this page! The concept of musical instruments is so clear, but done in such a fun way that I can see it being the favorite of many kids. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for this wonderful gift.

    Marilyn – TFS-Africa Fdn.

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