Letter Y – Sketch”Y” and Scribble”y” Yams

A few months ago when I began seeking out people to participate in this project, a good friend of mine who was also participating in this told me about a few of her friends who she thought would be interested in joining.  Davey Thompson is one of the people I was happily referred to.  I immediately liked her work and could see a number of the different letters as a good fit.  I admit, when you first hear the subject of “Yams” for a ABC book it doesn’t exactly inspire exciting visions, but Davey was more than up for the challenge!  She recently sent me this progress shot of her page:

And here is her Bio:

Davey Thompson is an illustrator and teacher based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her paintings are executed in watercolour and ink on Arches paper and have appeared in a range of publications in Canada and the US including Harvard Business Review, Research News, Allergic Living, Maclean’s Magazine, Bow Habitat Station and The Wall Street Journal.

I really enjoy these process shots by talented artists, sometimes even more then the finished work.  The little sketches of the various ideas, concepts and visions these artists have are very inspiring, only adding to the magic of the final piece.

Stay tuned!

-Mike Boldt

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2 Responses to Letter Y – Sketch”Y” and Scribble”y” Yams

  1. I really like what I am seeing in these sketches. Yams are in the fields and market stalls everywhere. Sometimes you will even see people carrying them on their heads. They the the primary staple of the diet and are used to make fufu, the most common dish. The ‘yam’ page is a lead in to other crops too. If you would like to have pics forwarded of these other crops at the market, such as tomatoes, onions, okra, beans, maize, cassava, etc. just let me know. Keep up the good work!!
    Marilyn – TFS-Africa Fdn.

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