Letter T – Transportation, Traffic, Trucks and all that Jazz

Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn Pottage after a speaking engagement.  She informed me all about Tools for Schools Africa – The Damongo Project and after hearing about some of the other charity projects (such as Brownstones to Red Dirt) that I’ve been involved in she wondered if we could do start one together.  We met and talked for a while as to what would be a good fit for the students of Ghana and an educational book seemed best.  As much as I would have loved to, I couldn’t take on the entire project myself, however I thought if we could attract 26 artists who would all be willing to donate one page we would have an ABC book (in a similar way to the Brownstones to Red Dirt art auction or the Art Blocks for Ghana).  A short while later we started the process and have not looked back since.  In fact this book and project has already exceeded all expectations and both Marilyn and myself are more than thrilled to see how it is turning out.

(Here are a couple “process shots” of my page)

After I found all the artists I realized I had not even left a space for myself in the book, which I would have been ok with.  All the artists are so amazing that I would have gladly just put it together and continued to organize it.  Unfortunately one friend of mine had a crash project come up and had to drop out.  That left an opening for me and so I had my assignment.  Letter T: Transportation was what Marilyn had come up with for it which she says is very “interesting” in Ghana.  The pictures she sent were evidence enough.   Below is my finished page.

Here is a short Bio for myself:

Mike Boldt loves to draw.  He is particularly fond of cartoons, picture books, ice cream and most other things kids love.

For the last 11 years his work has almost been exclusively for children.  Projects Mike has done include children’s publishing, video games, animation, comics, toy design, and paper engineering.

Take care everyone.

-Mike Boldt

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3 Responses to Letter T – Transportation, Traffic, Trucks and all that Jazz

  1. wonderful one, Mike! 😀

  2. Mike,

    The T stands for Transportation, but also Terrific! I love how you have included so many of the transportation modes, especially the overloaded truck. The details are what really makes it. Thanks so much for this and for the many other things you have done for this project.


  3. RAWLS says:

    Love it!! That’s great my friend!

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