Letter W – Updated!

Hello everyone.  Last week I was informed by Marilyn that we had a little problem with the Waterhole page.  Apparently there are no wild Zebras found in Ghana (or other large herd types).  The wonderful Alina Chau graciously changed up her painting for us (a PS process is on her blog) and swapped out the Zebras for Waterbuffalo (bonus extra W word!).

Here is the revised edition of W: Waterhole.  I am so grateful already to all of the artists who have donated their valuable time and talents to this project.   But taking the time to change a watercolor piece to make the book accurate for the students of Ghana just leaves me with no words to express my appreciation.  Thank you Alina for caring so much.

Cheers to our artists!

-Mike Boldt


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2 Responses to Letter W – Updated!

  1. Alina,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of work. We truly appreciate your time, your talent, and your willingness to take this one step further.


  2. RAWLS says:

    You rock Alina!!

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