Letters P & Q – Joining Feathers

When Marilyn and myself were laying out the book, organizing the pages as to which letters had spreads and which were single we sort of ran into a problem after we were done.  It involved letters P, Q, and R.  Basically we only had so many pages, and every letter so far had it’s own page.  But we were left with 3 letters in the middle of out book with only one spread (two pages) to place them on.  Originally we were going to combine each of them into one elaborate scene, but the subjects would have made it a little complicated.  So instead we left R on it’s own and chose to combine P and Q for the Parrot (West African Grey Parrot) and Quail (African Blue Quail) as it seemed to fit a “bird” theme.

Mandy Paproski was the artist with the “task” of combining these two subjects on this page.  I’ve known Mandy for many years as well and I know she has an exceptional talent for drawing animals for kids books.  When I worked with her in a small publishing house many of the projects she worked on involved animals in pop-up or mask or other fun and quirky books and it was her idea in THIS book to use the Blue Quail as the subject for Q.  Here process sketch is seen above.

Here is her incredibly vibrant and wonderful final illustration.

Mandy’s Bio:  Mandy Paproski is a full time mom by day and a self employed Illustrator, designer and writer by night.   She has various published works such as, The Analyst Magazine, cover for March’s issue of 2006, glass wall design with Intact Insurance, other published logo’s and diverse illustrations.  She has a passion for art and aspires to have her own published children’s books

Stay tuned!

-Mike Boldt

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