Letter V – The mighty Volta

Darren Rawlings is a friend I met through the wonderful world wide web.  At first, I only knew about his own cool art and comic work, but when another friend of mine revealed his own book trailer, I found out Darren had another incredible talent for video effects and animation.  Darren is also the creator of Agent Orange, who may be one of my new favorite characters.  When I first approached him, there was a real willingness and excitement to participate in this project.  That was a huge bonus!  When someone is excited about their work as I believe it shows, and Darren is evidence of that with this beautiful illustration of his Letter V.  The Volta river is a major river in Ghana and runs down to the largest reservoir in the world, Lake Volta.

Darren’s Bio:

Darren Rawlings (or “Rawls” as he is more commonly known) is the owner/creative director of Thinkmore Studios.
Rawls specializes in a wide range of areas such as design/animation/illustration/motion graphics.
On the side of his full time business with Thinkmore, Rawls is constantly involved with the art community.  From being an editor/moderator for the extremely popular art community website CG Hub, to creating comics and graphic novels, both on his own and with other talented artists and writers.
Rawls lives and works just outside of the city of Toronto, Ontario with his wife and daughter.
Stay Tuned!


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2 Responses to Letter V – The mighty Volta

  1. This is so well done – so reflective of what the area really looks like. Your talent and generosity are SO appreciated!


  2. Rawls says:

    Thanks Marilyn!!! It was a total pleasure to contribute, even in the smallest of ways!

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