Letter U – All dressed up

I’ve stated it before, but Marilyn Pottage spent many many hours working on the list of subjects for each of the letters.  It was extremely important to her that this wasn’t just a picture book, but instructional as well, a book to teach.  Ghana like most other countries have many different professionals, and many of those jobs require uniforms, and Uniforms was the subject for the Letter U.

Bob Boyle was assigned this task and willingly accepted.  I only met Bob last summer at SDCC, and like so many other people who I’ve recently met, is just an outstanding artist and creative mind.  Not only that, but also genuinely a nice guy who seems to always have a smile on his face.  Seeing his work, you can tell he not only enjoys what he does, but adds in that same joy and passion.  Here is Bob’s Bio (and finished Uniform page):

Bob Boyle is the Creator and Executive Producer of the Nick Jr. pre-school show, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
He is also the Creator and Executive Producer of Disney’s Yin! Yang! Yo!
His first children’s book, Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String was published in 2010 by Random House.
Previously, Bob was Producer and Art Director on two successful Nickelodeon series, The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. Trained as an illustrator, Bob began his career as a freelance in New York selling his work to publications such as The New York Times, Business Week and The Nation before moving to Los Angeles and into animation. Bob Boyle grew up in Virginia and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Teri Shikasho.


My kids can testify that “Hugo and the Really Really Really Long String” is a great book as well.

We are drawing near to the end of this project and the amazing art in continuing to pour in.  Stay tuned!



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