Letter I – Flea Circus…no no, Instrumentational Insects!

I grew up watching a lot of nature films and loved seeing all the strange and exotic animals, birds and bugs from all over the world.  With my fear of all creepy and crawly things, that educational process made me very happy to reside in the so often frozen north, just to observe and read about the amazing insects from a distance.

Well, thanks to the hilarious Bryan Ballinger, his letter I page allows us all to enjoy this band who marches to a different beat I’m sure.  Bryan is an artist who I’ve never really connected with before this project.  I’ve seen his amazing 3D art as well as his crazy 2D illustrations on Drawergeeks for years, and when I was compiling a list of potential people to ask for this book his website just kept popping up.  Turns out Bryan is as nice a guy as his drawings would make you think and it is a pleasure to have him aboard this project!  You can just tell from his Insect drawing below.

Here is Bryan’s Bio:

Bryan graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1990 with a
degree in Illustration. He also has a master’s degree in Writing for
Children from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. After moving to Seattle in
1991 and doing freelance work for companies such as Nintendo Power magazine,
he started working at Microsoft as an illustrator.  He was lead illustrator
for the first version of the award-winning Encarta CD-ROM encyclopedia as
well as the Explorapedia children’s encyclopedia series.  Bryan was the 3D
Design Lead for 5 years at Big Idea Productions, the producers of the
VeggieTales children’s videos. Bryan is also a professor of Digital Media
Arts at Huntington University in Indiana. Bryan does illustration for
children’s books, websites, games, videos, ads, etc.  He is also the
co-author of The Great Cheese Squeeze, a children’s book he did with his
buddy Keith Lango.

Stay Tuned!


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