Letter E

Like almost everyone I know in the industry, we all try to improve ourselves in our skill set.  However, I have rarely even heard, let alone met someone who has essentially committed themselves to an unrelenting immersion of the study of art, the practice of it, and the theory behind it, as the incredible Justin Gerard.  He tests all the limits of art, compares digital to traditional, and basically takes on some of the most self testing challenges he can – just for the love of it.

Justin was given the letter E for Elephants and Elders and has created this beautifully peaceful illustration that seems to tell a story as old as the characters themselves.

Here is Justin’s Bio:

Justin Gerard is an illustrator living in Greenville, South Carolina. He works on many things but has a special love for good stories, tank strategy and chocolate chip cookie dough. His work has been featured in Spectrum Fantastic Arts, the Society of Illustrators and the Illustrators Annual. He currently works as the art director for Portland Studios Inc., as well as on private commissions and personal projects that may kill him. He is also known for studying Renaissance and modern masters in his ongoing efforts to distill their collective powers into a drink that he can sell for millions. Justin is outlawed in Peru.

I must add if you are a fan of The Hobbit, you must see his personal series he did on the book – if only for the reason to preserve how the book looked in his own imagination before the movie version is released!  Search his blog for all his thoughts on the journey.

Stay tuned!


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