Letter O – Who’s up for a game?

I am a huge board game fan and strategy games top my list of favorites.  The subject for the letter O is Oware, a type of “board game” that also happens to be strategy based, AND is considered the national game of Ghana.

I first met Gabe Wong a number of years ago.  We very briefly worked together, but I remember seeing his portfolio when he applied and I instantly loved his style.  His work just “feels thoughtful” and  his illustration of this Oware game is a great example!  About Gabe:

I love challenges, I love thinking, and I need to make things meaningful.
I believe that hard work always pays off.
I believe that respect is more important then creativity.
I want to give back and make the world a better place, some of my friends think this makes me too much of an altruist.
I want to make people rethink the way we live in our world.
I like collaborating hint hint.

I am glad he likes to collaborate!

Stay tuned!


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