Letter M – ….went to Market

The word Marketplace gives me a much more colorful and imaginative image in my mind than the word Store, or Mall.  For one it just sounds busier, and two, it feels more authentic and less big shop-ish.  Well, for letter M, Marketplace was the subject.  Marilyn (another great M word) sent us many interesting pictures of what the market looks like in Northern Ghana, and I knew it was going to take someone with an gift for life and story to do this one justice.  Thankfully, Brittney Lee said yes!  She creates some of the most beautiful and colorful work I’ve seen and her flowing lines and shapes almost seem breath (you must also check out her paper sculptures!!).  Here is her Letter M page:

Brittney’s Bio:

Brittney Lee is a 27 year-old artist who currently spends her days drawing and dreaming at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California. When she is not drawing, she can be found sipping coffee, eating chocolate, or playing with her mischievous orange cat. You can see more of her work at britsketch.blogspot.com and in her shop at britsketch.etsy.com!

Starting to draw close to the end here!  Stay tuned!

-Mike (not a bad M word either…)

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