Letter D – to our heartbeat!

I really enjoy music of all (well most) kinds and styles.  I find music can really define or express a culture, or people, or almost anything really in a way that is unparalleled.  The subject for the letter D for this book has a LOT to do with music.  Drums and Dancing.    I’m no good at either, but really enjoy them both.  Drums always seem like a heart beat of music to me, as it beats faster or slower depending on how excited it is, as well, I can often feel it in my chest more than any other instrument.  Dancing seems to be music in the form of movement.

An incredibly talented friend of mine agreed to this subject.  Cory Godbey.  His work just “feels” and I appreciate the sense of life, emotion and meaning behind it.  Here is Cory’s piece for the Letter D:

And Cory’s Bio:  Cory Godbey lives in South Carolina with his wife Erin Elizabeth and his cats.  He fist discovered his love for drawing while in math class and soon after that began drawing pictures for elementary school textbooks.  Cory went to college to study old drawings by well-known artists, and says he still looks at these old drawings when he runs out of ideas.  He enjoys accordion music, pasta, and when it rains at night.

Only a few left.  Stay tuned!


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