Letter J – A real “Jewel” of a picture

I do apologize for being gone from this site for so long.  On top of being swamped with work, and having a few project hurdles to figure out, I also had a new baby arrive!  But she’s worth the month off, trust me 😉

So back at it now!  Today I have for you the talented Miss Dishy’s (or my friend Michelle McBride) version of the Letter J: Jewelery.  The beadwork that they create in Ghana is just amazing!  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work along side Michelle for a number of years.  She has some of the best ideas for kids books and is a talented designer and illustrator.  Here’s Michelle’s piece:

And her Bio:  Michelle has a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design. Her passions stem from children’s books, any type of graphic design, colour studies and paper engineering.  Most of her personal work involves some type of humour as her favourite thing is to make people laugh.
Everyday she is grateful that she is able to make a professional career out of being creative –because when she worked for a phone company, she was really terrible at it.
She currently resides in Canada and is the creative director of an advertising studio.

It feels great to be back! Stay tuned for more soon!


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