Letter G – Ghana

This book is literally for the children of this letter’s subject.  Although we hope children everywhere will enjoy it, we are especially hopeful that this book will be put to good use to educate and assist in the learning of the students of Ghana.

Jeremy Vanhoozer was the artist responsible for bringing this map to life.  As with many of the incredible artists participating in this project, Jeremy is someone who I’ve been a fan of for almost as long as I can remember.  He is an incredibly prolific artist who loves to draw robots and most other things fun.  His cut out style was perfect for this page.  Here is Jeremy’s piece:

And his Bio:  Jeremy Vanhoozer has worked as an artist for over 15 years.  He started his career at the Disney Studios as an illustrator, and has worked for many top studios since.  Currently Jeremy works for Cartoon Network Games Studio as an Art Director.

We’re only a few away from the end!  Stay tuned.


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