ABCs for North Ghana extras!

At one point I started to worry about how I was going to fill the final spots for the artists in this book. I had a number of subjects and topics that still needed to be completed and no one to do it. Little did I know that I would soon have a surplus and not wanting to turn any away Marilyn and I figured out a way to get it all in.

One was an Appendix. Now this book features a 8 page appendix that can be used as a teacher’s resource with piles of extra information and really great photos by Marilyn and her team themselves on each of the different subjects in the book.

We also wanted to feature some Ghanaian artists themselves! So here are a few samples of pieces by the 3 featured Ghanaian artists who allowed us to show their INCREDIBLE work in this book:

Ben Reynoldswas another artist who had expressed interest in participating in any way he could! His drawings and style of artwork is so wonderful I could have sprinkled it throughout the entire book and appendix if he had the time! Here’s his wonderful pic for the copyright page and his Bio: He has worked across North America in a variety of capacities including: character design (an animated series for FOX), art direction (games on multiple platforms) and design (for clients such as Sony, Ubisoft and McDonalds). He is currently working as a Creative Manager for Beeline Interactive (the mobile division of Capcom), providing art direction and guiding the creative vision of all Beeline titles. Together they have released multiple top 10 games on the iOS platform (ie. “Monster Pet Shop”, “Zombie Cafe”).

Ben is passionate about what he does and is constantly seeking the tools and skills to produce the best work possible. He lives with his wife Lauren in the vast frozen tundra of Toronto, Canada (in an igloo).

This book has been a real privilege to work on, and seeing these pieces in the book confirm it over and over.


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