Letter A – Africa

We started out this blog posting the letter Z first and how funny that the last page of artwork and subject was for the letter A. Africa. Amazing is probably not a proper descriptive word for that continent in that it does not nearly do it justice. There is so much we don’t know about Africa and although this book’s main intention is to help with the education of the children (and others) in Ghana, we also hope that the book will be informative and interesting for those who pick it up here in North America and other places around the world!

Aiden Sugano was literally dropped into this. One of the artists who had to withdraw came to my aid and found her replacement herself, and she couldn’t have done better. Aiden’s piece just blew me away the first time I saw it and I believe it’s the perfect way for a this book to start. A bit more on Aiden: I am a visual development artist working for Blue Sky Studios and recently graduated from San Jose State.  Before Blue Sky Studios, I worked at Trion Worlds, Inc. as a concept designer for video games.

I love that Ghana is the source of light in this. Just perfect for this book!


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