Letter F – Football (and Fun and Fantastic)

I grew up being not very good at a sport I called Soccer. I also grew up and found out it was basically the most popular sport in the world. Now that my kids play it I see why. It’s easily picked up and playable almost anywhere as long as you have a ball and something to kick it with. Marilyn informed me that Ghana is HUGE into Football. Their national team has had success and they are some very popular heroes for the kids there who will play with rolled up plastic bags if no ball is available.

Like John, I met Eliza Wheeler last summer at a children’s book conference where she had WON the portfolio showcase. Her work is very descriptive and I love the image she created for this subject. The National team in the clouds is exactly how I’m sure the kids playing see themselves!

Eliza’s Bio: I grew up in Northern Wisconsin in a family of teachers, musicians, and artists. Drawing was my favorite form of play as a child, my emotional outlet as a teen, and is my escape as an adult. Some of the strongest influences on my creativity have been the wild Wisconsin seasons, canoeing the Brule River, picking blueberries with my Grandmother, and digging through the snow with my brothers.

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