Letter H – Hip Hip Horray for Hippos

So it’s been more than a while since this site has been updated, but the ABC’s of North Ghana project is FAR from dead. In fact it’s totally complete and I’m holding the book RIGHT NOW! I’ve been a bit tied up with work and have not been able to update much the last few (or many) months, but with out rambling any more, I’ll carry on with the final few pages of previews!

Another reason for this project taking a bit longer was that a few artists had to withdraw and I had to find replacements.  John Deininger is ONE of those artists who I was fortunate to have met last summer and even more happy to have him accept the invitation to participate. Here’s John’s Bio:
I’m a freelance illustrator/designer/concept artist living in Seattle with my best friend Jana, three cats, and the rain. I’m currently working on a wide variety of illustration projects, and also developing several rockin’ picture books for kids (check out my portfolio for a sneak-peak).

John was tasked with H is for Hippo, which I thought was a perfect match for his very energetic and loose style. I love hippos, but those teeth are a bit scary.  Also PLEASE PLEASE check out John’s concept work on his blog for this image. It’s just fantastic: CLICK HERE!

More to come right away!


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