Please judge this book by it’s Cover!

I’ll say it again, please judge this book by it’s cover. It’s absolutely amazing and I can say that as I’ve already spent many many times looking through it! In the previous post I talked about the extra artists we had and at the same time I realized I had completely forgotten about the cover and title page to this book. The two artists who I had asked to complete each the respective assignments actually knew each other and decided they would work together on both so that the feel was the same! This book has brought out a number of pleasant surprises, and this is one of my favorites!

Kristin Labriola and Rachel Tiep-Daniels were the collaborators on this cover and the title page. I had the privilege of participating in both the Brownstones to Red Dirt charity art drive AND the Art Blocks for Ghana project (which was organized in part by Rachel!). That was the common ground that I had with Kristin and Rachel before asking them to participate.

Kristin’s Bio: is currently a Marketing & Production Coordinator at Kimochis. In the past has worked as a Development Associate, Assistant to Chris Wedge and Lisa Fragner and an Animation Coordinator at Blue Sky Studios, as well as Development Production Assistant at Blue Sky Studios of 20th Century Fox.

Rachel’s Bio: I am a Visual Development Artist/Designer for Feature Animation. I am currently living in New York City and working remotely for Dreamworks Animation SKG.. I have shared my 12 year career between Blue Sky Studios and Dreamworks Animation. My background is in Architecture and Animation. My love for both helps drive and inspire my career as a Set Designer and 3d Artist. Credits:Ice Age, Sharktale, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs Aliens, Shrek the Musical, Puss n’ Boots and Rio(2011)

As of RIGHT NOW, the book is finished and in hand. 1000 copies are already on a ship making the long trek to the waiting hands in Ghana already! It’s very exciting.

Tools for Schools Africa really went all out on the printing of this book. It’s not only a Hard Cover, but 48 pages long with beautiful artwork throughout and a huge appendix at the back! As great as the images look on this blog, it’s something entirely different and special to hold it in person.

I shall be updating this blog again soon with information on how you can support Tools for Schools Africa and the children of Ghana by picking up a copy of this incredible book. I cannot wait to ship these out!


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