About TFS-Africa and the 9 Degrees North Project

Tools for Schools Africa Fdn. is a registered Canadian charity based in Red Deer, Alberta.  Our mandate is to increase educational opportunity in northern Ghana, an area where the literacy rate for girls is still less than ten percent.  Past projects have included the delivery of school supplies to over 50 primary schools, setting up three libraries, and professional development for over 600 teachers.  This year, in partnership with the University of Manitoba and Architects Unlimited, we built a facility where rural girls can stay while attending junior high school.  Presently we have a number of girls on scholarship, and in 2010-11 more than 40 girls will be funded.  You can see more of our past projects at www.tfs-africa.org.

Our goal this year is to publish an ABC book for primary school children.  Each page will feature a letter of the alphabet, giving information on plants, animals and interesting particulars of ordinary Ghanaian life.  Since colorful books for primary students are scarce, and the children entering school often do not speak English (although it is the official language) the purpose of the book is to help students learn more about their own country while developing better English skills and vocabulary.  An appendix will give teachers additional information on illustrated subjects so the book can be used as an effective classroom teaching tool.

Our vision was to have 26 talented artists each donate one page of art work to illustrate one letter.  A number of the books will be offered for sale in Canada and the US while the rest will be delivered to schools in Northern Ghana.  All proceeds from sales of the book in North America will continue to fund future Tools for Schools Africa Fdn. projects.  It is likely the proceeds will be used to pay for the printing of additional books creating a self sustaining cycle.


6 Responses to About TFS-Africa and the 9 Degrees North Project

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  2. Laura Doku says:

    Hi! I’m a graphic design student living in Finland and married to a Ghanian. This project of yours seems great!
    Please inform me when the book is ready and can be purchased. I would really want one. I hope it will be possible to send the book to Finland, where I currently live.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Connie D says:

    We met today at the International Reading Association Conference. You have inspired me in several ways today. I would love to purchase a copy of this book when it is ready. What a great idea for an amazing cause.

  4. Vicki Martens says:

    My neice is doing one of the letters in the book, and I would also like to know when and where I could purchase a copy. Thank you. It looks beautiful!

    • Mike Boldt says:

      Hello Vicki! The book has just recently been completed and will be available for purchase soon! It looks just fantastic, so please stay tuned for info on the launch!

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